Charting the future of clean, green nuclear energy.

For Politico Focus, I wrote an overview of the nuclear energy industry, demonstrating its viability as a 21st century sustainable power source.




AtlanticHaitiFor The Atlantic, I reported from Haiti about an innovative law school in the remote western town of Jérémie, working to solidify the rule of law.





Kalliopeia Foundation created Beyond Prison to feature innovative correctional practices that transform suffering into opportunities change. I reported on the Insight Garden Program at San Quentin prison. The project was nominated for a Webby award in 2016.



passoverparadoxIn my first comic strip, I take a feminist view of Passover, telling the story of heroic midwives who saved Moses way before Moses saved Israel.




Robin Hauser Reynolds tackles gender inequity in the tech economy.

The lack of diversity in tech has become a deeply embedded cultural problem. I interviewed Robin Hauser Reynolds, the director of CODE: Debugging the Gender Gap for the Battery’s blog.