Art as Social Good

After spending a few years as a New York-based art critic for a British art glossy, I had an epiphany while hawking magazines at Art Basel Miami in 2006. The best art talent was being used to enrich the lives and bank accounts of the 1%. These shows, which had once been festivals of ideas, had become boozy debaucheries. The art market was morally bankrupt (and literally bankrupt two years later). So I left, and found my way as an artist who tries to create social good.

I believe art shouldn’t destroy the planet (which is why I paint in gouache) and that it should have a clear social purpose. In my case, that means making work that carries a family’s legacy or unites a community with beautiful, instructional (or funny!) images. Check out my ketubot (Jewish wedding documents), comics, and public murals.

I designed this studio, where it all happens. I chose forest green for a reason.